Sneakers, dumbbells, iPod, heart rate monitor, phone and water bottle

Want to make big moves before the holidays? Take our 30-day fitness challenge. Get 600 minutes of activity in 30 days for a chance to win a $500 prize. Every minute you spend moving gets you closer to the goal. Here’s how that breaks down:


Wednesday, November 1st through 30th


To log a minimum of 600 minutes of physical activity between November 1st–30th. One minute of physical activity = one point. Here are some examples:

  • Attending a 50-minute group fitness class = 50 points
  • Attending a 60-minute yoga class= 60 points
  • Working out for 45 minutes in the fitness center= 45 points
  • Playing a club or intramural sport for 75 minutes = 75 points
  • Completing a personal training session = 60 points
  • Walking around campus for 15 minutes = 15 points
  • Doing jumping jacks in your room for 10 minutes = 10 points

How does it work?

Track your points by entering how much time you spent doing each activity. You can track your activity on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis anytime during 11/1–11/30. The more consistently you track, the easier it’ll be.

Point system

Your goal is to hit 600 points in 30 days. That breaks down to 150 minutes of activity per week. You just hit the CDC’s recommendation for weekly exercise. High five.

The prize

One winner, $500 on the line. Each person who hits 600 minutes of movement will be entered into the cash drawing.

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